Dr. Gary D. Powney

Selected Publications


Mason Suzanna C.; Hill Jane K.; Thomas Chris D.; Powney Gary D.; Fox Richard; Brereton Tom; Oliver Tom H.; , 2017, Population variability in species can be deduced from opportunistic citizen science records: a case study using British butterflies. Insect Conservation and Diversity

Oliver Tom H.; Powney Gary D.; Baguette Michel; Schtickzelle Nicolas; , 2017, Synchrony in population counts predicts butterfly movement frequencies. Ecological Entomology, 42, 375-378

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Brooks Stephen J.; Self Angela; Powney Gary; Pearse William D.; Penn Malcolm; NHM digitisers; Paterson Gordon L.J.; , 2016, The influence of life history traits on the phenological response of British butterflies to climate variability since the late-19th century.

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